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Lanka Lion Marketing is a local business internet marketing agency serving the Sri Lanka & beyond. We will help empower your business to get the most from new online and mobile marketing platforms to magnify your visibility and attract loyal customers.


  1. Get in front of prospective customers
  2. Engage with them on their terms
  3. Build helpful & profitable long-term relationships

We accomplish this by using the latest tools and resources to build your business online.

Our objectives to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS:

To boost your online presence immediately: By acting quickly we can produce results (leads & prospective customers) faster and create a greater advantage over your competitors.

To incrementally build your online presence: The income from new leads and customers will help control costs so we can gradually apply our business building strategies.

SEO Companies for Sri Lanka

To connect all the pieces together: We will get the marketing elements for your business integrated so they work powerfully with each other.

To incur LESS WORK on your part: Because you have a business to run, you may not have time to plan, execute, and manage your online search engine, video, social media, and mobile marketing program. We can do it for you and your business will reap the benefits without spreading you and your staff too thin.

Why You Should You Choose Us

One of the primary reasons for success in the digital marketing services space is the credibility of the service provider. They build such credibility over a long period of sincere, precise and effective delivery of promises. Our simple philosophy is–deliver what you promise and don’t overstep the trust barrier.

All our partners have consistently enjoyed our ethical business practices. In our long history spanning over 7 years, we haven’t lost a single partner which speaks volumes about our transparent dealings. To the point of being blunt, we always maintain that we prefer not to harm the Golden Goose.

Iron-clad ethics

You won’t lose any client/s to us because our business ethics forbid us from doing so. Also, we are happy to grow within our niche - providing digital marketing services to enterprising market makers who partner us. We back our assurance with stringent non-disclosure agreements that are internationally enforceable.

We achieve this strict adherence to our business ethics focusing consistently on our stated niche along with clear and consistent communication that prevents any misgivings or misunderstandings. The market is big enough and already growing fast to accommodate varying niches. We are happy to focus just on our niche for growth.

Some major advantages of partnering us:

Local SEO

We optimize local search for local sri lanka businesses and ensure that they show up locally when searched locally.

Sell services under your brand

When you partner us, access our specialized services and deliver them to your clients under your brand/banner.

Freedom to set your price

Accessing our quality services at highly competitive and consistent prices allows you to add your mark up profitably.

Bruce Clay professionals

Our Bruce Clay certified professionals ensure that every SEO challenge is solved efficiently and in compliance with laid down parameters.


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